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My goal is for you to achieve substantive, durable change. We pursue this through a collaborative approach to understanding the deeper meanings and causes of problems you face. Our focus is on understanding and changing your relationship to issues and feelings that may be exercising power over you and of which you may not be fully aware.


A significant element of our work is the way I listen and how we pay close attention to unconscious issues and the content of your dreams.

A major difference in working with a psychoanalyst as opposed to other mental health practitioners is the careful, consistent, deep attention a psychoanalyst gives to listening. Psychoanalysts develop this skill by engaging in years of institute training beyond that required for their clinical licensure. (See my "About Me" tab for more information on my training.) Instead of feeling pressured to do something, in psychoanalytic therapy the emphasis is on hearing what is at play and thinking together about how to understand and reimagine parts of yourself that may interfere with living a free, meaningful, connected life.

I specialize in helping people overcome the obstacles which depression, anxiety, and trauma put in their way. The goal is a greater ability to pursue opportunities in your work life and more meaningful connections in your personal life.

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